Python for Decision Makers and Business Leaders Transcripts
Chapter: Welcome to the course
Lecture: Python is booming

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0:00 Does it seem like Python is booming
0:02 Python is everywhere?
0:03 Well that's probably because it mostly is.
0:06 Here's a cover story at the Tech Republic.
0:09 Python is eating the world.
0:11 How one developer's side project became
0:13 the hottest programming language on the planet.
0:15 And I bet you can identify that guy in the background
0:18 who created it after that previous video, huh?
0:20 Clearly here's an article
0:22 but let's look at some graphs and some real data.
0:25 Maybe you've heard of Stack Overflow.
0:27 If you're not a developer, maybe not
0:29 but like I said, if you work with technical teams
0:31 you've probably heard the term Stack Overflow.
0:33 And this is a question and answer site
0:34 that has somehow managed to become
0:37 the definitive place that software developers
0:40 go to ask questions and get answers and solutions
0:42 to very specific technical problems.
0:45 Millions and millions of questions, and page reviews
0:48 and all sorts of stuff.
0:49 So, very, very popular site.
0:51 Certainly comes right to the top of Google
0:53 if you search for a specific programming problem.
0:56 So let's see what the data that they're making public
0:59 says about Python compared to the other languages
1:02 and ecosystems.
1:04 They have this cool thing called Stack Overflow trends
1:07 and you can go there and put in different technologies
1:09 and get graphs that look just like this.
1:11 And I put it in for the major programming languages
1:14 C#, Python, Javascript, Java, PHP, C++, R
1:18 Relevant in data science, Swift, or IOS and macOS
1:21 C, and VisualBasic.NET.
1:24 And here's a bunch of graphs.
1:25 I think already you can tell one of these is
1:28 unlike the others.
1:29 Like, really, really unlike it.
1:31 But let's make it more obvious.
1:33 Yes, Python is absolutely growing.
1:36 Where many of these languages are either flat or
1:40 honestly, most of them are trending downwards
1:42 giving up a lot of space to Python.
1:44 There's a lot of reasons why this is happening.
1:46 We're going to explore some of those
1:48 but here's the numbers from Stack Overflow
1:50 not just for some short little trend
1:52 but this is over 10 years worth of data right here.
1:55 This is amazing. They actually highlighted this is 2017
1:59 in the fall of 2017 article called
2:01 The Incredible Growth of Python.
2:04 They cover a bunch of really aggressing things
2:06 and here this data is in fact much more modern.
2:09 This is just almost 2020.
2:12 They have make a bunch of predictions
2:13 and if you look at those predictions, it's surprising.
2:16 They actually about predicted this growth with Python
2:19 projected out a few years
2:20 but they underestimated the decline of the other languages.
2:24 It's amazing.
2:26 So if it feels like you're seeing Python everywhere
2:28 or you're hearing from many people that Python is amazing
2:31 when maybe a couple years ago you hadn't heard about it
2:34 well that's because the momentum behind Python
2:36 is growing so fast, the number of libraries that
2:39 people can use is growing, and growing, and growing
2:41 and making it even a more compelling place to be
2:44 than it was not long ago.
2:47 Oh, remember that shift I talked about in 2012
2:49 about data scientists?
2:50 Yeah, also it's pretty obvious in the graph here
2:52 that's not the only thing making this graph grow like this.
2:55 There's a bunch of factors, but certainly
2:57 it helped kick that curve up there in 2012.