Python for Absolute Beginners Transcripts
Chapter: Course conclusion
Lecture: Review: External packages

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0:00 While Python is a very powerful language on its own
0:03 with its standard library, things like json
0:06 and os and whatnot that we can work with
0:08 it's the libraries, the external packages
0:10 that make it truly magical.
0:13 Remember you can even type import anti-gravity
0:15 into the Python repo and it'll launch up
0:18 this page in your web browser.
0:19 No, if you have a problem to solve
0:21 be sure to go look for external libraries that you can use.
0:25 And remember a good place to start was
0:28 because those are some of the better categorized ones
0:31 you might choose, it's not the only place to be sure
0:34 but it is a good place.
0:36 And you can always go to
0:38 and do a search and look around there.
0:39 However you come across them
0:40 we install our libraries with pip
0:42 and then we create a virtual environment
0:44 activate that virtual environment
0:45 then we say pip install the name of the package
0:48 and then you can just import
0:49 that package and start running with it.
0:51 Hopefully working with external packages makes
0:53 you love Python as much as
0:54 that guy who was up there flying around.