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Chapter: Using external Python packages
Lecture: Practice exercises

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0:00 It's time to work with external packages yourself. We're going to do something similar for the practice exercises as you saw me do in this video.
0:10 Over here in the GitHub Repository we have our practice exercises for external packages couple of concepts, working with requirements.txt
0:18 virtual environments, how to do it on the various operating systems, working with pip and once you get all those all of those down
0:24 you should be good to go. Your goal in this one is going to either work with the old tic tac toe game or the Connect 4 game.
0:31 And basically what you're going to do is you're going to use Colorama to add colored output to the game, and the steps will be
0:37 create a a virtual environment make sure that Python is the that it's the right active interpreter and make sure you set that virtual environment
0:45 as the active interpreter. Use requirements.txt to specify you depend upon Colorama. Install those requirements with pip or with PyCharm.
0:53 It detects it and suggests them and then use and so on to add colored output to your game.

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