Python for Absolute Beginners Transcripts
Chapter: Reading and writing files in Python
Lecture: Concept: Leader boards!

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0:00 Now we're going to do something really fun. We're going to have a leaderboard. I mean that'll bring you back to any arcade game, right?
0:06 Here we are in some arcade, who knows where. And you can see all the players who have played and got high scores and whatnot.
0:12 So we're going to add that to our game. And we're going to reuse a lot of the same ideas but instead of reading files, which we'll also do, but
0:19 in addition to that I guess we're going to be writing files. We're going to have to be figuring out who the players are
0:24 what their scores are, save that back to some file and so then when we play the game again load the program again, we're going to be able to read that
0:31 and then carry on from there. We'll actually see like computers won seven rounds ever, and Michael's one
0:38 who knows one or zero, that's going to be how it goes for me. But something like that. We're going to build a leaderboard like this
0:43 and it's going to be a lot of fun.

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