Python for Absolute Beginners Transcripts
Chapter: Reading and writing files in Python
Lecture: Max Q

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0:00 Before we dive into this chapter I want to just say
0:02 a few words about your progress in this course.
0:04 If you've made it this far you've been doing really well.
0:06 That last chapter is suspect for many of you was pretty
0:09 challenging, we used a lot of complex programming ideas
0:12 some interesting data structures, we saw some challenging
0:15 problems in non-obvious ways.
0:18 Then you get to the practice exercise and you're building
0:20 Connect 4 from scratch.
0:21 So that was probably a lot of work if you're new
0:23 to programming.
0:24 And if you're feeling like this course is getting harder
0:26 and harder, you're in luck because you just passed Max Q.
0:30 What the heck is Max Q?
0:32 In spaceflight and all sorts of flying things actually
0:35 it's the point of maximum dynamic pressure on a spaceship
0:39 or airplane or whatever it is you're talking about.
0:41 What does this have to do with you?
0:42 Well for spaceships they have to push super hard to get
0:45 going and they go harder and harder and the faster they go
0:48 the harder it gets for them to go faster and actually
0:50 there's this point where they have to turn down the engine
0:53 or it could damage the spaceship.
0:55 But once you get through this point, this may be like
0:58 1000 kilometers an hour, then the spaceship goes faster
1:00 and faster and faster like 20 times faster up to tens
1:03 of thousands of kilometers per hour and yet all those
1:06 steps are easier and easier because the pressure higher
1:09 in the atmosphere, speed, et cetera put together is actually
1:12 less so I feel like that last chapter that was Max Q
1:15 that was one of the hardest thing, all of the things
1:18 coming together and now we're going to have a lot of fun
1:20 putting some file IO and cool features into our game
1:23 and working with some external libraries and what not
1:25 so hopefully you can feel as we go through this chapter
1:28 and the next that this is getting more easy and things
1:31 are just starting to flow better for you.
1:33 I hope that's the case and yeah this is one of my ways
1:35 of viewing the world this Max Q theory of working through
1:39 whatever it is, not just spaceflight but even studying
1:42 new topics like Python and programming.