Python for Absolute Beginners Transcripts
Chapter: Problem solving techniques for writing software
Lecture: Concept: Remember the debugger

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0:00 Now that we're at the end and I've given you all
0:01 these problem solving techniques
0:03 and ideas I want to remind you to not forget your debugger.
0:07 If you're using something like PyCharm
0:09 or Visual Studio Code you can go through
0:11 and see exactly what is happening
0:13 as you're going through your code.
0:14 Though if you get stuck
0:16 if you're trying to understand what the data
0:18 that's coming from some servicer
0:20 or from a file or something looks like
0:21 one of the options is to just put a break point in here
0:24 and you can explore this data extensively.
0:26 Other things you can just put a print statement
0:29 and pass the variables.
0:30 Sometimes that will show what the data looks like.
0:32 Not always, but sometimes and that's nice.
0:35 But the debugger is definitely your friend
0:38 if you get stuck and you have a hard time visualizing
0:40 and understanding what's happening.