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Chapter: Problem solving techniques for writing software
Lecture: Our problem solving project

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0:00 What problem are we going to solve in this chapter? We're going to write tic-tac toe. Now that might sound pretty simple, right
0:08 we've written rock paper scissors so how different is tic tac toe? Turns out it's fairly different and I would say it's at another level of difficulty.
0:17 Why is that? Cause it seems pretty straight forward right? Kids play tic tac toe all the time.
0:22 The challenges you run into are around the data structures. Holding this tic tac toe board together
0:28 there's a bunch of different ways in which we can do that and when you're getting started that can be challenging. The other place where I can see
0:35 it might not be entirely clear is checking to see if somebody has won a game. Cause you got to check across
0:41 you got to check down, you got to check a diagonals and depending on the data structures you've chosen those may be super easy to come up with
0:48 or they may be really hard to come up with. So those are the two main challenges I kind of foresee for us. And the reason I've chosen tic tac toe
0:57 it's not terribly hard. You understand how to play the game I'm sure if not just Google tic tac toe. But it does have this other level of difficulty
1:06 and we haven't addressed it yet. We haven't done anything with tic tac toe. So I think this is going to be a fun place
1:11 to think through the problem solving and think about the trade offs and ways that we can do things better as we write this program.

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