Python for Absolute Beginners Transcripts
Chapter: Cleaner code with common data structures
Lecture: Introducing data structures

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0:00 It's time to talk about some
0:01 of Python's built-in data structures.
0:03 Now, this is going to be a really fun chapter
0:06 because what it's going to allow us to do
0:07 is to take code that was kind of ugly and hard to write
0:11 and tedious and reduce it down to much simpler ways
0:14 of working with the same type of data.
0:17 Now, data structures are really important.
0:19 This includes dictionaries, lists, sets
0:21 and other types of data structures
0:23 that you might've heard of.
0:24 Freeze, for example, there are many, many of them.
0:26 There are a few core ones in Python
0:28 that we're going to touch on in this chapter.
0:30 We're going to take and improve our rock, paper, scissor game
0:33 and you're going to learn all about them.
0:35 Data structures are fun because these are some
0:37 of the ideas and techniques that really separate beginners
0:40 from professional or experienced developers.
0:43 Once you know how to use these
0:44 and once you know they exist
0:45 they can dramatically simplify your code
0:47 make it faster, make it less error prone
0:49 all of those things, all at the same time.
0:51 So I hope you're excited to dive into it.
0:53 You're going to see some very cool stuff develop
0:55 within our game because of them.