Python for Absolute Beginners Transcripts
Chapter: Code that interacts with users
Lecture: Interactive code intro

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0:00 It's time to write interactive code
0:02 and this is where writing programs
0:03 and doing software really fun.
0:06 So far, what we've done is we've just told the program
0:09 Do Step One, and then Step Two, and then Step Three.
0:12 Maybe we got some input from the user
0:14 but there was no decision or alternate paths made around it.
0:18 So, we're going to write code and make the code decide.
0:22 Think of the Talk Python website.
0:24 If you go there and you're not logged in
0:25 it'll do one thing, if you are logged in, it'll do another.
0:27 For example, if you try to view a course
0:29 and you're not logged in, it'll tell you to log in
0:31 or it'll take you to the course to just browse it
0:34 and you can learn more about it and sign up there.
0:36 Once you do log in, it needs to know
0:38 does this course belong to you, are you registered for it
0:40 or is this some other course?
0:41 And it's going to decide
0:42 if you're registered, let's show them the lessons
0:44 and let them get started on the videos.
0:46 But if they're not, well
0:47 send them over to learn more about it so they can sign up
0:50 things like that. So this is where programs get real
0:53 they get fun, they get interesting
0:54 and they can do legitimately cool things
0:57 and that's what we're going to do in this chapter.