Python for Absolute Beginners Transcripts
Chapter: Writing your first lines of code
Lecture: Concept: Concept sections

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0:00 Hope you enjoyed seeing a little bit of code written.
0:02 Now, we're going to come back and write a lot of code
0:04 throughout the rest of this entire course.
0:07 In fact, now that we get farther into this
0:09 we're going to spend most of our time writing code
0:12 but we're coming up on a different type of presentation.
0:15 A very short one, but I want to make sure you understand
0:18 what it's about and why it's here.
0:20 It's the concept section.
0:22 What we'll do throughout this course
0:24 as we go through these demos
0:25 and we do live codings
0:27 we'll be playing around with ideas
0:28 and we'll be writing code
0:30 and doing a bunch of stuff.
0:31 And maybe that takes 10 minutes
0:32 to get that whole section done.
0:34 Well somewhere in there is the key idea
0:37 of that lecture
0:38 and I'd make it possible for you to use this
0:41 as reference material as much as learning material.
0:45 That's one of the shortcomings of many video courses
0:47 so I've come up with this idea of the concept section.
0:50 What we're going to do
0:51 is we're going to spend 30 seconds to maybe a minute
0:54 on the core idea of what we've just learned.
0:57 That way, three months down the road
0:59 when you're like I need to come back and just see
1:01 how that one thing is done real quick
1:03 instead of shuffling around through a bunch of demos
1:05 and trying to watch and see what happened
1:07 you can just jump right to this one video and watch it.
1:10 Alright, that's this idea of the concept section.
1:13 Some folk have been a little confused, they thought
1:15 well why are we going over the same thing
1:16 we just did that?
1:17 Well, that's why.
1:19 So, watch it, learn from it now
1:22 but keep in mind that these are really here
1:23 for reference material as well.
1:25 So if you need to turn back, you got that 30 seconds
1:27 jump into a concept
1:29 and you've reminded yourself of exactly what that was.