Python for Absolute Beginners Transcripts
Chapter: The big ideas of software development
Lecture: A conversation with Python beginners

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0:00 If this conversation about beginners and experts and some of the techniques and even mindset stuff that you can think about that will help you
0:09 if this sounds interesting, you want to go a little bit deeper, check out this podcast episode I did back for Talk Python, Episode 203.
0:18 This is back in March of 2019 and I had Ned Batchelder along with three or four self proclaimed beginners
0:26 and we had this conversation, Ned being the expert me being the moderator, and then the beginners on there
0:31 as well talking about their perception of problems and their path in the software industry some of then were software developers
0:39 some of them were scientists, and it's really interesting to just be a fly on the wall and listen to those folks talk about their experiences.
0:46 Ned has great advice for coming an expert helping to speed that journey, if you will and definitely helping the beginners feel better
0:54 about where they are and how much they actually do know. So if this is interesting, I encourage you to come over here and listen to this episode
1:02 when you got a little free time. I think it'll help you out a lot.

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