Python for Absolute Beginners Transcripts
Chapter: The big ideas of software development
Lecture: Big idea: What is source code?

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0:00 What is source code? Well, it's how we tell computers what to do. It's the essential way the language in which we write computer software.
0:11 Now, when you look at some kind of application let's take a web app like this one here we have on the screen at Talk Python Training.
0:17 Some of this is just HTML. Like in the top left, there's this microphone with a Python logo in it. That is just an image. It's just HTML and CSS
0:30 stuff across the top HTML and CSS. And you can debate whether or not that is really programming or not
0:36 I'm going to say that it's maybe sort of but not really. But then there's other stuff that's happening here that where the program, the web application
0:44 and the server is making a decision and delivering information based on how you interact with it. For example, have you logged in
0:51 if you log in, it's got to verify that you have an account that the password is correct. And things like that.
0:56 Going to set some information back into your browser so that it knows that when you come back the second
1:02 and third and fourth page that you're still logged in who you are. It's going to take some additional information. There's different pages in the site.
1:11 This one courses slash details where you get to the general student page but some information that's passed to it.
1:17 This one is Python for .NET Developers the code is going to take that go and send it over to another server, the database
1:24 and say, I want the course that corresponds to this. And as long as it comes back it's going to show you this page with the details.
1:32 Now, here's some of the chapters that were sent back from that database. You can see the title of chapter how long it is
1:39 but notice also it's collapsed and grayed out. The reason it's collapsing grayed out is the website this code decided this one
1:46 you've actually already watched whoever's browser this is they've actually already watched those chapters so they're grayed out and collapsed
1:54 So you can focus on what's next. Given one of these chapters, for example object oriented Python It will show you the various lectures
2:03 that are in there. It'll indicate whether or not that lecture has subtitles both captions, there were that little book thing.
2:09 It'll gray these out based on which lectures you've watched. So when you think about a computer program or you think about any kind of software at all
2:17 it has to interact with data or with humans to it has to make these decisions and transform data. And computer code is really just like English
2:26 or French or German. But for computers, we need to talk to it in a way that it can understand more accurately
2:34 in a way that can be transformed into something that the computer understands.

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