Python for Absolute Beginners Transcripts
Chapter: Course setup and requirements
Lecture: git the source code

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0:00 Now before we get started with this course
0:02 I want to make sure that you have all the code
0:04 that you're going to see written on the screen by me.
0:07 I'm going to make sure that everything that I write
0:09 everything that I create is going to be saved and
0:12 available for you, online, here on GitHub.
0:15 So at this address
0:21 If you go here and you somehow download this
0:24 I'll show you a couple of options in a second.
0:25 If you download this, then you'll be able to have
0:28 all the code that we've written.
0:29 This is also where those issues are
0:31 where I told you, you can potentially go find other people
0:34 who've solved problems like yours and so on.
0:37 So, before you go any farther
0:38 make sure you go over to GitHub.
0:39 If you don't have an account, create one;
0:41 you're going to want to have a GitHub account.
0:43 This is where all the software developers collaborate
0:45 where you get all the libraries, all kinds of stuff.
0:47 And then just click that little star where it says unstar
0:50 That's because I've already starred it.
0:51 Click that star and even maybe click fork
0:53 so it goes over into your own space.
0:55 But most importantly you need to clone or download it.
0:58 So over here it says clone or download
1:00 it gives you options to either use Git
1:02 which I'll show you in a second, or just download
1:04 a zip file and uncompress it.
1:06 The advantage of having Git is if there's any updates
1:08 it will get the new updates over time, whereas the
1:11 download by zip is just a snapshot
1:13 of what it was at that moment.
1:16 Now before we move off this, let's really quickly
1:18 get that code onto my machine.
1:21 So we're going to go over here and in this folder I'm going to
1:24 git clone, that stuff.
1:26 So if you haven't used Git before
1:28 you might need to install it.
1:29 So, you can see if you have it if you type "G-I-T". Git.
1:33 If you get something like this, yay, you have Git.
1:35 You're probably good. If you get an error, like command "Git Not Found"
1:38 then just google and install Git for your operating system.
1:42 Install Git for macOS, install Git from Windows, whatever.
1:45 So what we're going to do is say git clone
1:46 now I've copied the URL from the GitHub repository
1:50 so, there's that.
1:52 And it's going to put it into this huge long folder here
1:55 and that's going to make things not quite as easy for me
1:57 so I'm going to override the folder it's going to create.
2:00 I'll just say, "beginners-course", like that.
2:05 If I hit go, it's going to go talk to it.
2:07 It's downloaded all the details
2:09 and you can see here, there are just a couple of files.
2:11 Now when you actually do this, it will have all the code
2:15 that I have not yet created, but I'm just about to.
2:18 So, I've created this so I can start putting code in here
2:20 and saving it for you, but you should have more stuff
2:23 of course, listed here because it will have everything
2:25 I've already done in the future.
2:27 That's kind of cool.