Python for Absolute Beginners Transcripts
Chapter: Course setup and requirements
Lecture: I do need to install Python, now what?

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0:00 If it turns out that you don't have Python 3 or that the version is too low and you need to install a new version of Python 3
0:08 don't worry, it's pretty easy. Folks over here at have put together a nice guide for you.
0:14 So just visit They let you identify your operating system. Are you using Windows or Mac or Linux
0:22 or whatever it is that you're using and then they give you a couple of different options and recommendation for the best way to install Python
0:30 on your computer. So you need to install Python instead of me giving you a whole bunch of variations
0:35 and whatnot, this is a great article that gives you all that and a recommendation on what to do. Just go check it out and then come back to the course.

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