Python for Absolute Beginners Transcripts
Chapter: Welcome to the course
Lecture: Meet your instructor: Michael Kennedy

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0:00 Finally, before we wrap up this chapter
0:02 I just want to introduce myself.
0:03 My name is Michael Kennedy, hello!
0:05 Here I am, this is what I look like.
0:07 You can find me on Twitter, where I'm @MKennedy.
0:10 Super excited to be putting this course together for you
0:12 and happy you're in it.
0:14 So just a little bit about me
0:16 I run the Talk Python to Me podcast.
0:18 This is a podcast that's been going for four or five years
0:22 and I interview many of the influential folks
0:24 in the Python industry, from the people who create Python
0:27 to people who use it at places like Instagram
0:30 as well as, say, astronomers who are using it
0:32 to understand the stars.
0:34 So I have a pretty good spectrum of what people are doing
0:38 and what they're up to with Python
0:40 and how it's important to them
0:41 and I'll try to convey that to you.
0:44 Also, I happen to run another podcast called Python Bytes.
0:47 This is like the weekly news in the Python space
0:49 so if you want to stay up on that, you can subscribe to this.
0:52 Both of these give me a lot of
0:54 different sources to draw from
0:56 to share with you throughout this course.
0:57 Maybe most relevant, though
0:58 is that I'm the founder and one of the principal authors
1:01 at Talk Python Training, where you're taking this course.
1:04 So this is me, welcome to the course.
1:06 I'm happy to be here with you, let's get rolling.