Python for Absolute Beginners Transcripts
Chapter: Welcome to the course
Lecture: Student prerequisite knowledge

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0:00 You should have a pretty good sense of
0:01 what the prerequisite expectations are
0:04 what we expect you to know as a student.
0:06 But let's just call them out really quickly here
0:08 so you can be sure that you're in the right place.
0:11 First of all, there is no programming experience required.
0:14 Meaning, I'd say most programming courses out there
0:17 expect that you have some programming experience
0:20 and they just build on that right?
0:22 You already know how to program in Python
0:23 so we're going to build a website in it.
0:25 Or you already know how to do this in JavaScript
0:27 so we're going to build this interactive web thing with it.
0:30 This course is not like that.
0:31 We assume that you know nothing about programming
0:34 we're going to take it nice and slow and make sure
0:36 we set the right foundations for you so you can be
0:38 successful with programming and with Python.
0:41 Obviously if there's no programming experience
0:43 you also don't need to know Python.
0:45 So don't worry, if it's totally new to you
0:48 it's an exciting place to be but you don't have to
0:49 know anything about it. So, that's fine.
0:53 You do need a desire to learn basic programming skills
0:56 and of course we're going to learn those skills in Python
0:58 but that would be translatable to other things.
1:00 So are you looking to gain this superpower
1:03 that I mentioned at the beginning?
1:04 You should, because it will put you
1:06 head and shoulders above all the other folks
1:08 doing whatever it is that you care about.
1:10 So hopefully, you're excited to learn programming
1:13 we're going to start with the basics and get that in place
1:16 throughout this course.
1:17 However, you do need to be quote "good with computers"
1:20 whatever the heck that means.
1:22 I would say, basically, you need to be able to type
1:24 not necessarily super fast but typing is how you
1:28 speak to the computer, how you create these programs
1:30 and if typing is a challenge then this course
1:33 is going to be super frustrating, right?
1:35 Programming in general is going to be very frustrating
1:37 because all you do is type to the computer all day.
1:39 You'll hear a lot of professional programmers
1:42 speaking poorly of things like user interfaces
1:44 and mice, and all they do is use the keyboard all the time.
1:47 You can take that a little bit too far
1:48 but certainly typing is important.
1:50 Also, operating a computer just in the sense of
1:53 configuring things and installing stuff and so on.
1:56 You may have to set up Python
1:57 or have to set up some other tools and editors and
2:01 you just need to be able to work with a computer
2:02 pretty decently.
2:03 So, I expect most people out there have this
2:05 but I just want to put it out there
2:06 like really this is the expectation that we have
2:09 is that you are quote "good with computers".