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Chapter: Welcome to the course
Lecture: Programming is a superpower

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0:00 Let's start off with a question. Should you be a programmer? Sure, there's a bunch of people out there who love programming
0:06 but it's probably not for everybody. Or is it? Well, let's look at it from a job perspective really quickly. In 2020, it's estimated that there'll be
0:16 one million computer-related jobs that go unfilled. And often when you hear about policymakers talk about things like this, they say
0:23 well what we need to do is train up a whole bunch of more computer scientists and send them out into the world
0:28 so they can program all the things that need programming. I think this actually misses the point of what programming can be
0:35 and also makes it a much more narrow area of study. It's not just about making a bunch of little programmers
0:41 that can go out into the world and program the things and take all the jobs that we need to be filled. No. Programming is a superpower.
0:48 And it's applicable for many, many more people than they initially realize. Here we have a little superhero who has some Python powers.
0:57 Notice that she has a Python bag from the Python conference she's carrying around. What do I mean by programming is a superpower?
1:04 If you are a biologist, and you collect a bunch of data and you have tens of thousands of entries you got to go
1:11 work with and it's more complicated than something like say, Excel could handle with. Well, what do you do? Hire a bunch of people to go through it?
1:18 Hire some grad students? Or do you spend 10 minutes writing a little bit of Python code that within milliseconds can take
1:25 all that data and generate the reports and give her the insights that she needs. Or if you're an economist, and you need to do some work
1:33 with a bunch of financial data? Maybe you could make Excel do that maybe you could make some other software do it.
1:38 But with just a little tiny bit of programming power you can automate whatever it is you're trying to study in the financial markets
1:46 and you'll be so far ahead of anyone else that's trying to do that same thing who is not a programmer.
1:52 So the perspective I want you to have throughout this course is that whatever you care about, are you in psychology?
1:59 Are you in biology? Are you a physicist? Are you in philosophy? Yes, philosophers, it also applies as well.
2:06 Whatever you're into, if you learn a little bit of programming skill, you can take those mundane things
2:11 that are hard to do, are tedious or take a long time or even maybe have too much data to even consider
2:17 processing, with a little bit of programming experience you'll get in this course, you'll be able to go and automate that stuff and really supercharge
2:25 whatever it is that you care about. So, yeah, maybe the world needs more programmers but what it really needs is a bunch of people who have
2:31 expertise in something, and then they have a little bit of programming experience to make them much much more effective.
2:39 Python's a really great place to get that power because it's so easy to get started with compared to other languages
2:44 and there are many many libraries that we'll kind of talk about throughout this course that are super useful. So, are you ready to be a superhero?

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