Python for Absolute Beginners Transcripts
Chapter: Welcome to the course
Lecture: Welcome!

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0:00 Hello and welcome to my course
0:01 Python for Absolute Beginners
0:04 I'm super excited to have you here
0:05 we are going to have so much fun
0:07 going through all of the code that we're going to write
0:10 learning how to be effective with Python
0:12 and honestly, learning how much fun programming can be.
0:16 If you're new to programming, don't worry
0:18 you're actually in exactly the right place
0:21 this course is for people who are new to programming.
0:25 A lot of courses assume background knowledge
0:27 or experience with some programming concepts
0:31 Do you know what a variable is? Do you know what loops are?
0:33 Do you know what source code is?
0:34 Do you know what a compiler is? Do you know how to use it?
0:37 And then they'll teach you the details of some language
0:40 with this one, we're going to start right from the start
0:42 that's what we mean by absolute beginners
0:45 because we're beginning at the beginning.
0:47 We're going to cover all the ideas that maybe people who took
0:50 computer science in college or have computer science degrees
0:53 spent years studying, we're going to condense that down
0:56 to just the essential things that you need to learn
0:58 to have a core understanding of programming in general
1:01 and we're going to work on Python
1:03 and some of its most important features
1:05 and teach you how to program simple applications with Python
1:09 but don't let the word simple discourage you.
1:12 By the time you're done with this course
1:13 you're going to be able to write meaningful programs
1:16 that you can use to automate things in your life.
1:18 Are you a scientist and want to automate studying
1:21 and processing the data you collect?
1:23 You'll be able to do that, no problem.
1:25 Need to create a simple little application to help you out
1:27 with some other project you got going on?
1:30 Yes, you can do that, or do you want to use this
1:32 as a springboard to get into the deeper programming concepts
1:36 like web development, databases?
1:38 Yeah, it'll be great for that as well.
1:40 So again, welcome to the course
1:41 I'm so happy to have you here, let's get started.