Python Data Visualization Transcripts
Chapter: Course Conclusion
Lecture: Dash

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0:00 The next tool we looked at was plotly dash, which is another dashboard component somewhat similar to Streamlit.
0:07 It has multiple components and is extremely powerful. So there are layout controls, there are core components that contain the input widgets and
0:18 graphs and then there's the callbacks which allow you to do your data manipulation and analysis
0:25 and then update the page. It creates a very complex dashboards and it really fits
0:32 for more complex analysis. It may be a little bit overkill for something simple,
0:37 but if you do have the need to create custom dashboard applications for for yourself or others, it will reward you for learning all these components.
0:47 And ultimately there is a commercial offering that you may need for enterprise level deployment.
0:53 So keep that in mind as you build out more complex apps with dash.

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