Python Data Visualization Transcripts
Chapter: Course Conclusion
Lecture: Plotly

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0:00 Continuing with the theme of java script enabled python plotting libraries, we looked at plotly. Next,
0:07 what is nice about plotly is it has a very simple, consistent API for all of your images, you can use plotly expressed to create many types of plots,
0:17 add customizations and then display the plots. The nice side effect from each of these is that you get a interactive visualization by
0:26 default. Where do I think plotly fits well. It's a good tool for sophisticated exploratory and has customization ability for explanatory analysis.
0:35 It has great interactivity and customization with a very simple API that fits in your brain
0:41 and I think it's a great tool to start with and it grows as you have more complex data visualisation needs.

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