Python Data Visualization Transcripts
Chapter: Course Conclusion
Lecture: Altair

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0:00 The next visualization tool we looked at was Altair and this is where we start to
0:06 deviate from our matplot lib based plotting tools because Altair is based on a javascript framework, it also has a different
0:15 API with a combination of a shorthand and a long form approach to defining your data and your visualization.
0:23 The end result is that you can create many different kinds of visualizations with Altair, you can also add interactivity to your visualizations.
0:33 So from a recommendation perspective, I do like altair, it's a great tool for sophisticated exploratory and explanatory analysis.
0:41 It's good for you to take some time and play around with the API. And start to understand that there is great documentation,
0:49 so pretty much any kind of visualization you want to create. You can create with Altair and I think at the end of the day after you
0:56 play with it, if Altair makes sense to you and you can create the visualizations
1:01 that you want with altair, it's a great choice for data visualization in the python ecosystem

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