Python Data Visualization Transcripts
Chapter: Course Conclusion
Lecture: Pandas

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0:00 The next library we talked about was pandas and it makes sense to consider using pandas
0:07 because you're typically going to be using pandas for your data analysis and you might as well start your visualization with pandas.
0:15 Pandas has two primary plotting API. So there's a plot method on a series and data frames. So in this example you can plot a histogram.
0:24 There is also a specialized plotting functions for histogram, box plots as well as
0:30 some others that will give you a separate interface for plotting your data. So where does pandas fit into this?
0:38 Well, I think it can be useful for some of your basic exploratory analysis and as I said, if you're already analyzing the data,
0:46 you might as well start some quick plots with pandas. You can then customize it using matplot lib.
0:52 But I really think going forward you should evaluate other tools for more interactive and more complex analysis.

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