Python Data Visualization Transcripts
Chapter: Course Conclusion
Lecture: Matplotlib

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0:00 After going through the background concepts, we started talking about our first visualization library,
0:06 matplot lib and mat plotlib is the foundation for many of the plotting libraries and it's really useful to understand as a base layer.
0:16 When you start working with matplot lib, there are a few guidelines that will help you out.
0:21 So the first is this image here that shows the different aspects of a figure and
0:26 then the other key thing to remember with matplot lib is that there are two interfaces. There's a py plot or a functional/ state based interface.
0:35 Do not use that. You should use the object oriented interface. If you use this
0:41 it will be much easier for you to customize and develop complex matplot lib visualizations. So overall where do I recommend matplot lib?
0:53 So it is useful to learn the basics because it underpins so many libraries within the python ecosystem. By knowing matplot lib.
1:02 You can also develop plots with higher level libraries and then customize them where needed.
1:07 For example, you you can do a high level plot with Seaborn and then customize it using the underlying matlot lib objects.
1:15 When you create your exploratory analysis that has a lot more detail and annotations needed for the end users of that visualisation.

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