Python Data Visualization Transcripts
Chapter: Course Conclusion
Lecture: Data vis concepts

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0:00 Next we started talking about core data visualization concepts such as aesthetics,
0:07 Aesthetics are the different ways that you can present information in a visualization using the position shape, size, different colors,
0:18 different line widths and line types. We also talked about the main types of data.
0:25 So we have quantitative data or numerical data which shows us quantities of things.
0:30 We also have qualitative data which is categorical data and shows things like observed qualities in this example hair color of red.
0:41 Then we talked about how you can combine all these to do exploratory versus explanatory analysis
0:47 Exploratory analysis is the quick iterative analysis you need to do when you're trying to
0:53 understand a problem and then explanatory analysis is where you need to refine that visualization and
0:59 present it to others to tell a story or explain a situation.

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