Python Data Visualization Transcripts
Chapter: Course Conclusion
Lecture: Objectives

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0:00 It's helpful to review the course objectives that we laid out in the beginning and make sure that we accomplish them. As I mentioned,
0:08 what I wanted to do with this course is give you experience with these data visualization
0:13 libraries so that you can choose what best meets your own needs.
0:18 So we walked through many of the most common libraries and gave you the basic knowledge
0:24 to get started. We talked about how to install them and what the unique API was for each of these visualization libraries.
0:33 Then we went through detailed examples of using each library for data analysis and you have
0:39 all those Jupyter notebooks available and hopefully you coded along and can refer back to them in your own day to day workings.
0:48 After each library, we reviewed the pros and cons and helped put it in context of when you might want to choose each. Finally, my main goal here,
0:59 which I hope we accomplished as we walk through every step of this process is to
1:04 give you the knowledge so that you can choose your own data visualization tools that work best for you and the task you need to complete.

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