Python Data Visualization Transcripts
Chapter: Dash
Lecture: Program structure

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0:00 All dash apps have a similar structure. So the first thing you'll do is import dash and plotly pandas. Any other python components you need,
0:12 The special dash command is that you create an app object, then you load your data and perform the analysis. And in this case I create a plotly,
0:24 histogram and then this is where dash has a lot more flexibility than tools
0:30 like streamlit, where you actually need to build out your html structure for your visualization. So in this case I tell it that there's a title,
0:40 there's a div section and then I tell it where to actually put the graph which I created earlier. And then finally, because this is a standalone file,
0:51 we need to tell it that when it's executed to run the server.
0:54 In this case I'm enabling debugging so that it's easier to troubleshoot while I'm developing.

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