Python Data Visualization Transcripts
Chapter: Dash
Lecture: Why Dash?

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0:00 We've covered a lot of really powerful tools, so why do we actually need something a little bit different?
0:06 Well, many of the tools that we review do have some level of interactivity.
0:11 However, there may be a need for additional tooling if you want to link multiple
0:16 plots together. If you'd like to customize how users interact with your data,
0:22 if you want to have more fine grained control of the html and CSS presentation or if you want to upload or download data,
0:30 you may need to use something like Dash and Dash has many powerful advanced concepts that
0:36 takes some time to learn knowledge of html and CSS is helpful. Javascript is also useful but not required during this chapter.
0:46 I'll go through a really quick, high level overview to orient you, but I will certainly not cover everything that's in the dash library.

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