Python Data Visualization Transcripts
Chapter: Streamlit
Lecture: Conclusion

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0:00 Now let's summarize some of the pros and cons of streamlit from a pro's perspective
0:05 One of the big benefits is that you can use the knowledge you've gained with your existing libraries and just incorporate those in the Streamlit.
0:12 There is also a relatively simple API that exposes a lot of flexibility and interactivity.
0:20 It is a very professional display out of the box and there are open source and
0:25 commercial offerings. From a cons perspective it is a young project and rapidly evolving. So some of the API.
0:32 will change over time if you want to incorporate this into your organization,
0:37 you may have to consider the commercial offerings or developing the infrastructure on your own.
0:42 So from my perspective, streamlit is a really good way to add interactivity to the visualization using the tools that you already know and understand.
0:52 It does have a somewhat limited widget and layout customization. So as you get to more advanced use cases,
0:59 you may need other alternatives. But Streamlit is a really great place to start for building your own custom interactive visualizations.

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