Python Data Visualization Transcripts
Chapter: Streamlit
Lecture: Widget interactivity

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0:00 Right now this doesn't do much but I did want to walk through each of these widgets and how they're constructed and how to interact with them.
0:08 So the first one I have this dropdown that says make and if you scroll here you have a list of all the makes of the vehicles.
0:16 And what's really nice about this is it provides a lot of helper functions so if I want to select the Acura and the BMW it will add them to the list
0:24 I can remove them, I can remove all. This is also smart so I can type and and search so if I just want to look for Ford and Toyota,
0:35 I can do that and that's what's really handy with Stream lit, that's all out of the box,
0:39 no additional configuration needed. Then the range I can adjust based on the year range
0:49 that I calculated. So I know my data starts from 2000 to 2020 in this specific data set. But what's nice about the way I calculated it is that in
0:58 the future if I had 2021, or 2022 data, this range would dynamically get updated as the dataset changes.
1:07 So that's the basic overview of the widgets. Now make them actually do something.

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