Python Data Visualization Transcripts
Chapter: Streamlit
Lecture: Basic app concepts

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0:00 Before we look at the code in detail. I want to go through the basic application concept.
0:05 So the first thing to keep in mind is that a streamlit application is just
0:10 python code with a few extra functions provided by streamlit and this example I have my
0:16 file which will read in my day to create a histogram and plotly like done before. And then it will generate a built in web server that will serve
0:26 up that plotly visualization. You can see that I've provided title in this case simple example. And then I tell it to display the figure using st.right
0:35 So the important concept is that streamlit is just standard python.
0:41 You can use tools like python and all the visualization libraries we've worked on and then use st.write to display those plots,
0:49 images or data frames. And then when you want to run a file to get it started and serve it up. You use the Streamlit. Run command.

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