Python Data Visualization Transcripts
Chapter: Plotly
Lecture: Conclusion

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0:00 Now that we've gone through all these examples, let's describe some of the pros and cons of plotly from a pro's perspective,
0:07 it makes very visually appealing plots with an easy to use API. It supports many plot types and one of the really nice things is that
0:17 they are interactive by default. The official documentation is good and thorough and saving images
0:23 multiple formats is very easy. From a cons perspective plotly express is continuing to evolve. Sometimes the API
0:30 Changes so that old examples may not be applicable anymore or can be done
0:36 more efficiently with new code. Some plots may need data manipulation to get them in
0:41 the right format for you to visualize them depending on the types of plots you want to do. But at the end of the day I think plotly is a
0:48 great tool for sophisticated exploratory analysis and then has that ability to customize it when you're
0:55 ready to present your results. It has very impressive interactivity and customization and a very I think simple and easy to use API
1:03 And it's a great tool for you to start with and it will grow with you as you have more complex needs.

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