Python Data Visualization Transcripts
Chapter: Plotly
Lecture: Installing

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0:00 Now we'll walk through installing plotly. Plotly is easy to install using pip.
0:07 I recommend following the official documentation for the latest version of plotly but python -m pip, install plotly should work fine for you.
0:15 The other thing I wanted to mention is that if you want to save images, there's a package called kaleido, which makes it very easy to save your plotly,
0:22 images and multiple formats including SVG, PNG, Jpeg and Pdf. You need to install kaleido. separately using python M pip,
0:32 install kaleido, and then this exposes a very simple api for saving your images. In this example, I will write the image as an svg and I
0:42 specify the engine equals kaleido but that is not required in more recent poltly versions.
0:48 I wanted to call that out in case you see that in some online examples somewhere.

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