Python Data Visualization Transcripts
Chapter: Plotly
Lecture: API intro

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0:00 since plotly is a relatively new package, it has a fairly simple and consistent API,
0:07 plotly express is available for creating figures using a high level API. In this example you import plotly express as px.
0:17 And you create a histogram using your data frame and specify which column to use on the X axis.
0:24 This generates a very simple histogram and I use this for a starting point for visualizations. If you need to customize your figures in more detail.
0:34 There is a graph objects API. That you can access by importing plotly graph objects as well
0:41 Go. That's the convention and you create your figure with your data and your X
0:45 You specifically specify the data frame columns and then show the figure like we did in our previous example they both generate very similar figures.
0:56 I use the graph objects to customize if need be. Most of the examples will be going through will use the plotly
1:02 express API, which I think is suffcient for vast majority of visualizations you do.

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