Python Data Visualization Transcripts
Chapter: Plotly
Lecture: Overview

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0:00 Now let's go through a little more detail about the history of plotly and some
0:04 of its benefits. It was first released in 2015 and has undergone several iterations and
0:10 updates since then it is another Javascript framework similar to altair. Plotly is a commercial
0:17 company in Canada and they may maintain this open source library for python which will cover as well as our in java script.
0:24 It also develops the dashboard framework Dash, which we will cover a little bit later.
0:29 There are paid services but I want to be clear that this plotly library that will be covering is free and open source under the MIT license.
0:36 Some of the key benefits a plot li are that it does leverage the pandas data frame. All of the visualizations are interactive by default,
0:44 there is a high level interface as well as a low level api so you can quickly build visualizations and then customize them as you need.
0:52 And then finally, Dash is an interactive tool for building dashboards which provides a very powerful ability to extend and expand your plotly visualizations.

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