Python Data Visualization Transcripts
Chapter: Altair
Lecture: Conclusion

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0:00 Now that you have some experience with. Altair, let's go through the pros and cons and how you should think about using
0:06 it in your day to day analysis from a pro's perspective, Altair creates very visually appealing plots, It has many plot types as well.
0:15 You can make interactive plots using very little additional code and then finally there is a
0:21 lot of really good documentation and examples to help you figure out how to create the plot type that you need from a cons perspective,
0:29 the API may take some time to understand. Sometimes it can be difficult to save images. So at the end of the day,
0:37 from a recommendation perspective, I think altair is a great tool for very sophisticated exploratory analysis as well as being able to customize it.
0:46 When you're developing your explanatory analysis. It does take some time to master the API So give yourself time to learn it,
0:53 experiment it and play with it. The extensive examples help you build almost any visualization you can think of.
1:01 Finally, I think altair is a great example to consider, especially if the API. fits your brain after you've worked with it,
1:08 if it makes sense and you enjoy it and you can create the visualizations that you need to when altair is a solid choice for your visualization needs in python.

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