Python Data Visualization Transcripts
Chapter: Altair
Lecture: Multiple chart summary

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0:00 Do a quick summary of the ways to combine multiple charts together first, if you want to concatenate two charts or more charts together,
0:08 you can use alt.hconcat to place them horizontally next to each other Or use the pipe symbol as a shortcut.
0:17 If you want to vertically stacked visualizations on top of each other, you can use alt.vconcat or the ampersand.
0:24 If we want to create new visualizations with multiple layers, in this case we will have a bar chart, start with a line and text.
0:31 We can add those together on multiple layers of the same plot using a plus and
0:36 then if we want to facet and create multiple small plots using different columns of our
0:43 data frame to vary, we can use the facet to change in this case the
0:49 visualization by class summary. Or we can specify multiple rows and columns in which we want to break down the data.

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