Python Data Visualization Transcripts
Chapter: Altair
Lecture: Installing

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0:00 Now, we'll walk through how to install altair and all the components you'll likely need
0:04 The base charting components are in the altair package that you can install with pip And this controls all of the basic API for plotting.
0:13 As I mentioned, altair also translates your python code into java script.
0:19 One of the things that can happen is you can get really large jupyter notebook files
0:22 So the altair data server package can be helpful for managing those large data sets
0:28 so that your notebooks don't get so large and you have trouble maintaining them in GIT
0:34 hub or some other format. The final package you might need is Altair Saver, which is a package that you can use to save files.
0:43 This may be a little more difficult to set up on a Windows system. So I definitely recommend using condat to install all of the drivers.
0:50 Once you have these three packages set up, you should be good to go for starting to work with altair.

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