Python Data Visualization Transcripts
Chapter: Altair
Lecture: Overview

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0:00 I'll go into a little bit more background about the history and Altair and where it
0:05 fits in the python ecosystem. It is a much newer entrants when compared to Mat Plot Lib and Seaborn being released in 2016.
0:14 And as I mentioned, it is based on a javascript framework using the vega and vega lite formats,
0:21 it is a declared of statistical visualization library and gives a grammar that you can use to translate your data into the visualizations you want.
0:32 Some of the key aspects of this is that does leverage a panda's data frame and
0:36 you build links between the columns in your data frame and the visual encoding channels and
0:43 we'll talk about that in a minute of what that means and what the implications are Then altair takes this and plots the details. At the end of the day.
0:52 It is a very concise grammar, but you can build very sophisticated, interactive and visually appealing plots of your data.

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