Python Data Visualization Transcripts
Chapter: Seaborn
Lecture: Specialized plots

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0:00 The displot catplot and relplots that we've covered will be extremely useful for the majority of your data visualization needs.
0:09 But there are also a few specialized plots within Seaborn that I wanted to briefly highlight
0:14 The first one is a heatmap which will display the relationship between two variables
0:20 The pair plot will do the pair wise relationship between the different columns and you
0:28 can control how you want to see that relationship between the two different variables.
0:34 The joint plot shows the interaction between two variables and also shows by variant and uni know, various graphs on the axes.
0:45 So you can have a very nice summary of the interaction of these two different variables and how those values are distributed.
0:53 And then finally, when dealing with color palettes, there is a pal plot which is very useful to see the individual colors in the
1:01 palette and validate that they're the colors you want to use for your own visualizations.

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