Python Data Visualization Transcripts
Chapter: Seaborn
Lecture: Getting started

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0:00 Let's talk about getting started with Seaborn if you haven't already done so make sure it's installed. You can use python -m.
0:08 pip install seaborn or you can use conda. It's a fairly straightforward package to install. Once it's installed, you'll import seaborn as sns.
0:19 This is the standard convention that everyone uses when working with Seaborn.
0:25 One thing I wanted to cover briefly that Seaborn has several styles that can customize the visual display of your plots. In this example,
0:35 I have a dark grid style, but there are also styles for white grid, dark white and ticks. Additionally, there is a theming API,
0:44 which allows you to set the style as well as the font size and the palette I encourage you to play around with both of these different
0:52 API's and see what they look like and see what works best for your own visualizations.

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