Python Data Visualization Transcripts
Chapter: Pandas
Lecture: Advanced plot summary

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0:00 Here's a quick summary of some specialized plotting functions in pandas that we just reviewed.
0:06 The scatter matrix is useful for understanding the relationships between the various columns and is a
0:14 good tool to use early in your data analysis process for any specific problem to help
0:20 you understand that there might be interactions or insights between variables you may not be aware of. In addition to that,
0:28 there are three other specialized plotting functions that are useful for high dimensionality data. The andrews curves, parallel coordinates,
0:39 and radio viz or rad viz plots allow you to view complex interactions between data.
0:46 I will say it is a more advanced visualization and it's a little bit more difficult
0:51 to interpret, but because pandas is one of the few libraries that has these tools
0:56 I think it's important to understand they're out there and available and use them when appropriate in your data analysis.

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