Python Data Visualization Transcripts
Chapter: Pandas
Lecture: Specialized hist and boxplot API

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0:00 In addition to the histogram and box plots that we can display with the previous API, there is a specialized
0:07 API. For histogram and box plots available in pandas for these examples will use the combustion data frame if we want to show multiple histograms
0:16 across multiple columns, instagram function makes this easy. In this example, you can lay out the various histograms across multiple rows
0:26 or columns as well as controlling the values that are shared on the X and Y Axis. In a similar function for the box plot allows you to control the
0:36 display of multiple columns as well as control which values are shown on the X axis
0:44 And this example by changing the cylinders across the different values. You can also control the figure size.
0:51 The layout and other customization is to make the lots more effective and appealing.

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