Python Data Visualization Transcripts
Chapter: Pandas
Lecture: API summary

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0:00 Here's a quick reference. We'll go through to summarize the exercises we just completed for the data. We will use our average by year data frame.
0:09 If you'd like to plot a box plot, you can pass the kind equals box. You can also title it if you so wish.
0:16 Here's an example of how to plot a horizontal bar chart. You can also provide additional customization. In this example, I have a line chart,
0:27 I've specified the X ticks set a wide limit and rotation very similar to what you can do with the matplotlib,
0:34 plots and then you can further expand matplot lib by setting your own axes
0:40 and using the matplot lib functions that we've reviewed to further customize your plots. In summary the plot types have several different options,
0:49 including the bar, horizontal bar charts, box, KDE and density plots, as well as an area, scatter,
0:57 hexbin and pie charts that all follow a very similar API.

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