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Chapter: Matplotlib
Lecture: Summary

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0:00 For this final section. I want to summarize what are some of the pros and cons of using matplot lib.
0:07 And how should you think about incorporating matplot lib into your analysis process? From a pro's perspective, as you've seen,
0:16 it is a robust option and you can create almost any plot type you can think
0:21 of. There is lots of documentation and examples available from a cons perspective as you
0:28 have probably realized, it can be verbose and sometimes complex to customize,
0:33 especially as you're getting started. The one big watch out with matt plot live is the existence of the multiple API's.
0:42 And some of the examples that you'll find will be the old state based plotting style
0:47 and I encourage you not to use that and it can be confusing as you're getting
0:51 started. We also talked about how matplot lib doesn't have as much interactivity as
0:57 some of the additional libraries we will talk about in future chapters. So at the end of the day,
1:03 my recommendation is you should learn the basic concepts because matplot lib is such a
1:09 foundational and powerful library. My basic approach is to use other libraries for plotting and
1:16 then if I need to I can get into the details with matplot lib to
1:20 customize where needed. So think about this for explanatory versus exploratory analysis and then I
1:28 want to re emphasize that when you're troubleshooting and trying to learn something new, make sure you always using Object Oriented API for your solutions.

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