Python Data Visualization Transcripts
Chapter: Matplotlib
Lecture: Reading data

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0:00 Now I'm going to create a new notebook to capture the information for our first exercise
0:05 First thing I'm going to do is rename this notebook and I prefix it with the 02 just do some of the ordering.
0:33 Next I'm going to bring in all of my imports. Those are the standard for the path and pandas and numpy. Now I'm going to do 2 imports from matplot
0:47 Lib. Plot is the standard starting point for creating all of our visualizations and a
0:59 little bit later I'm going to show how to customize the ticker using this function from
1:04 matplot lib. Next let's get our directory set up so we can read in the files. If you're not familiar with path lib I'll give a quick overview.
1:18 This is saying that our source file is in our current working directory under the data Raw subdirectories and files. EPA_fuel_economy.CSV.
1:27 I'm also going to set up an image directory that I will use to store some of the plots a little bit later.
1:39 And now here's the data frame that we talked about earlier so you can see at the top part of the data shows the first five records in this data set.
1:50 I would like to do info to see a little bit more information about the data
1:54 as well so we can see have a really good overview of the data and now we start to plot some data.

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