Python Data Visualization Transcripts
Chapter: Matplotlib
Lecture: Launching notebooks

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0:00 I'm gonna go through a quick example of launching my Jupyter notebook environment.
0:05 I'm doing this on a Windows system and I already have the terminal set up to boot into a conda environment. As you can see,
0:17 I have several environments set up on my system. I'm going to use the data of this environment for this course.
0:26 I'm already in the notebooks directory so this will launch the notebook and then open up
0:35 a browser with my environment and this is what my base environment looks like.
0:41 Want to walk through the data directory that I have where I've placed three files that would be working through this course,
0:48 there's an amazon book, Excel file, the EPA fuel economy CSV. File that we talked about and I made a summary file for
0:56 the EPA_fuel economy that I'll use in some of the future exercises So this is a basic environment.
1:04 I'll work through for the first couple of chapters and then at the end we'll use VS Code and I'll walk through how to use that a little bit later.

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