Python Data Visualization Transcripts
Chapter: Matplotlib
Lecture: Figure overview

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0:00 One of the confusing concepts for new users to matplot lib is how the figure API interacts with the axes API.
0:11 So an axes actually represents a single plot, whereas a figure is the broader container for one or more axes. This example from the matplotlib,
0:25 documentation helps put it in context. So a lot of the things you think of with a figure makes sense. There's a title, there's a legend.
0:35 We can have grids, we can have spines as well as in this example, a line or scatter plot. We also have X axis and Y axis labels and
0:45 ticks. And those intuitively makes sense. But what is not clear to the new user is that this plot is actually an
0:54 axis and that the figure is a container for one or more axes.
1:01 And this concept is really important and I think we'll drive it home as we go through some more examples.

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