Python Data Visualization Transcripts
Chapter: Matplotlib
Lecture: Matplotlib history

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0:00 As I mentioned, Matplotlib has been around for a long time. The first release was in 2003 and it was actually heavily influenced by MATLAB.
0:12 John Hunter laid out some of these core tenants when he created matplot lib,
0:17 he wanted a python plotting package that would generate output that was publication quality,
0:23 so it had to really look good and generate in multiple formats. He also wanted an environment so that you can embed a graphical user interface for more
0:32 rapid application development. He wanted code that was easy enough that he could understand it extend it. At the end of the day,
0:40 he wanted making plots to be easy and I think the greatest testament to matplotlib is that it has been around for so long and that it is used as
0:50 a foundation for so many of the plotting libraries and the data visualization libraries that we use in Python today.

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