Python Data Visualization Transcripts
Chapter: Visualization Concepts
Lecture: Small multiple plots

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0:00 If you're somewhat new to this space, I want to talk about one other topic that's really powerful and useful in the tools
0:07 that will be covering. And that's the concept of small multiple plots. And this is basically just a way of putting a whole bunch of small graphs or
0:17 charts together in one place using similar axes and scales so that you can identify trends
0:23 This example from Seaborne shows how you can quickly look at this data and identify
0:30 some of the outliers because there are so many charts condensed into a small space. This term is sometimes called a trellis chart,
0:38 a lattice chart, a grid chart, panel chart or facet grid. So as you can see, there's a lot of different terms,
0:45 but each of the visualization libraries that we're gonna talk about allows us to do this
0:49 and I wanted to raise the concept now so that as we start to dive into the modules, you have some exposure to it and understand what it is.
0:59 We're trying to accomplish with these types of charts.

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