Python Data Visualization Transcripts
Chapter: Welcome to the course
Lecture: Why visualize data?

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0:00 So why might you choose to visualize your data? This list from Dr. Alexander Lex at the University of Utah from his data science course
0:08 provides a lot of good examples that hopefully will inspire you as you embark on your
0:13 data visualization journey, I frequently use many of the data visualization techniques I'm going to
0:19 cover to answer questions, communicate ideas to others, test or reject hypotheses that I might have, for certain types of data
0:29 Visualization is almost the only way to answer and reveal complex patterns in the data when I'm trying to record or present information.
0:37 Maybe in a different context, visualization can be really handy, and for certain types of computational analysis,
0:44 visualization is almost the only way to interpret the data. Finally, the most common use for visualizing the data that I've seen is to tell
0:54 a story and we'll walk through some of those key considerations for visualizing data to effectively tell that story.

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